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DESCRIPTION: X-Crete is a concrete de-bonding agent that reverses the molecular bonding action of cement and turns it back into loose mix of sand and aggregate that is easily rinsed away. 


IDEAL USE: X-Crete is used to clean concrete trucks, mixers, tools, forms, saws, finishing machines and more. No high labor costs are incurred and damaging hammer/chisel work involved.




  • Environmentally Responsible - X-Crete is a biodegradable mixture that contains no hazardous ingredients or volatile organic compounds (VOC's) that can harm the enviornment. 


  • No Harsh Mineral Acids - X-Crete is a strong yet gentle. It does not depend on muriatic acid to dissolve the concrete and produces no corrosive fumes.


  • Continues Working - X-Crete has no volatile mineral acids; it does not evaporate or loose strength rapidly. It keeps working until the entire mass of concrete is broken down and can be flushed off easily. 


  • Safe - X-Crete is not corrosive to the skin and contains no corrosive fumes to attack the lungs. It does not attack steel, aluminum or equipment surfaces. 


  • Economical - Labor is the most expensive part of the clean-up job. With X-Crete, labor is reduced to a minimum.

X-CRETE - Non-Acid Concrete Remover



    1. Use X-Crete at full strength, do no dilute. Do not wet down concrete before applying and do not use on extremely hot surfaces
    2. Spray X-Crete to thoroughly wet and saturate concerete. Allow it to penetrate and sotfen the concrete. Heavy deposits, apply several sprays of X-Crete
    3. Continue spraying and let it work for 20-30 minutes or until concrete is softened and can be removed easily by water spray


    For Cleaning Tools

    1. Pour enough X-Crete in a plastic bucket to cover the tools entirely
    2. Soak tools until concrete is loosened
    3. Wash with water and dry





    • Type - Complexing concrete, cleaner, remover
    • Color - Pale white
    • Odor - Mild
    • pH Factor - Neutral
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Low. Harmful if swallowed


    X-Crete must be used in accordance with label directions

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