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DESCRIPTION: Viretron is a powerful cleaner and deodorizer designed to combat bacteria and germs on inanimate, non-porous, hard surfaces.


IDEAL USE: Viretron is recommended for areas where people are closely associated for extended periods of time and where there is a heavy flow of pedestrian traffic. Viretron helps maintain a clean environment in Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Hotels and Motels, Restaurants, Factories and Businesses with large work forces. 




  • Controls Spread of Germs - Viretron aids in controlling the spread of germs and is recommended to use when widespread outbreaks are a threat. Viretron offers residual protection and is effective in suppressing reservoirs and viruses on areas such as telephones, beds and hardware.


  • Effective Cleaner - Viretron helps combat germs on surfaces as well as in the air. It reduces the hazard of cross infection by bacteria from environmental surfaces.


  • Destroys Malodors - Viretron breaksdown the molecular structure of unpleasant odors while killing the bacteria that are often the cause of the malodors. This non-selective odor neutralizer acts instantly and remains effective for long periods on the most offensive malodors.

VIRETRON - Hospital Grade Cleaner



    For Cleaning

    • Hold dipsenser upright about 6-8in. from surface and spray until surface is wet. Allow to sit for 10min


    For Deodorizing

    • Hold dispenser upright way from face and spray into air several times toward the center of the room


    For Mildew Control

    • Wipe down surface then spray Viretron until surface is wet
    • Repeat application every week to maintain control


    Treated food contact surfaces and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with water prior to reuse


    NOTE: DO NOT use on polished wood, furniture or rayon fabrics





    • Type - Hospital Grade Cleaner
    • Color - Clear
    • Odor - Alcohol
    • pH Factor - 7-8
    • Flammability - Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Viretron must be used in accordance with label directions


    TDS - Technical Data Sheet

    SDS - Safety Data Sheet

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