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DESCRIPTION: Vanish is a highly concentrated malodor counteractant that completely neutralizes malodors through molecular encapsulation. Vanish also doubles as an odor eliminator. 


IDEAL USE: Vanish neutralizes the most offensive odors easily and effectively. Vanish is commonly used to eliminate the malodors of Gangrene, Fecal Material, Cancer, Autopsies, Skunk, Cooking, Urine, Garbage, Pets, Mildew, Perspiration, Animal Rendering, Smoke, Rotten or Spoiled Food, Dampness and other offensive odors wherever they are found such as Hospitals, Morgues, Buses, Veterinary Clinics, Health Spas, Etc. 




  • Counteracts Offensive Odors - Vanish has the unique ability to attack and neutralize odor molecules. There is no heavy perfume in Vanish to penetrate into clothing, fabrics and furniture. Vanish's fragrance is unobtrusive but effective.


  • Long Lasting Odor Neutralization - The active ingredients in Vanish are contained in an oil base which dispenses them through controlled evaporation. It continues to neutralize malodors long after conventional or solvent-based deodorizers have lost strength.


  • Non-Aerosol Packaging - Vanish is packaged in an alternative aerosol package. No container space is taken up by propellant. Sprayer heads contained in each case are provided for economical dispensing.


  • Works Where Others Fail - Use Vanish with confidence in areas where nothing else will do the job.


VANISH - Odor Counteractant



    Transmitter Station for Continuous Odor Elimination - 

    1. Pour approximately 1/2 oz. of Vanish onto screen to activate 
    2. Place the Transmitter Station on a shelf, ledge or in an area where air flow will allow Vanish to permeate and deodorize room


    Space Spray - 

    1. Where mobility is desired, attach the Vanish Sprayer Head to the container
    2. Spray once or twice in the corners of the area


    Disposable Odor Control Stations - 

    1. Spray Vanish on a paper towel or cloth
    2. Place in a trash container or similar receptacle





    • Type - Odor Counteractant
    • Color - Amber
    • Odor - Orange Peel
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Vanish must be used in accordance with label directions

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