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DESCRIPTION: Testrox is a powerful, concentrated surface renovator which replaces muriatic acid. Testrox quickly penetrates to break up and dissolve lime deposits, scale, rust, algae, stains, mineral sediments, scum, mold, mildew and red dirt. 




  • Safe to Use - Testrox provides a powerful, rapidly penetrating, cleaning action without the fuming, excessive corrosion and handling hazards of raw muriatic acids. Testrox will not burn skin even if accidentally spilled directly from bottle. 


  • Time and Labor Savings - Testrox saves time because it effectively dissolves insoluble films and deposits that normally require scrapping, chipping or brushing. Testrox cleans metal door bucks and anodized aluminum window frames in new construction with considerably less labor. 


  • Concentrated for Economy - Testrox is highly concentrated and may be diluted with water. Testrox is used full strength to remove scale from metal parts and equipment. It is diluted when removing motor film, insoluble carbonates and oxides. 

TESTROX - Safe Muriatic Acid Replacement Concrete Renovator



    1. Testrox may be applied by brush, dip or spray
    2. Allow to soak for several minutes then agitate with brush
    3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat application if needed for heavy encrustation


    NOTE: Test before using on different metals and other surfaces





    • Type - Concrete Renovator
    • Color - Green
    • Odor - Cherry
    • pH Factor - 3.5
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Harmful if swallowed


    Testrox must be used in accordance with label directions


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