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DESCRIPTION: Testronic is a moisture displacing, penetrating lubricant for mechanical and electrical equipment. It is an effective lubricant that forms a protective barrier against the return of moisture and corrosion. 


IDEAL USE: Testronic is commonly used in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications for moisture and corrosion control. Testronic displaces moisture and seals out subsequent moisture and corrosion in electrical motors, relays, controls, switches, line jacks, telephone cross connection boxes, stranded wire rope, instruments, tools and mechanical parts. 




  • Better Penetration - Low surface tansion carries Testronic deep into inaccessible parts of equipment and motors to quickly displace moisture and form a tough molecular barrier against subsequent moisture and rust.


  • Non-Flammable - Testronic is difficult to ignite and can be safely used near open flame where sparking might exist.


  • Safe - Testronic is non-corrosive and safe to use on all metals.


  • Fast Lubrication - Testronic's deep penetration rapidly lubricates all metal surfaces. It lubricates each strand of cable and wire ropes to reduce friction and prevent rust and corrosion. Testronic does not replace regular lubrication of equipment.


  • Not Temperature Dependent - Rapid temperature changes do not affect Testronic. It maintains its qualities under the most severe conditions.

TESTRONIC - Moisture Displacing Lubricant



    1. Spray Testronic on and into equipment until all surfaces are wet
    2. Leave to dry


    NOTE: Electrical equipment does not have to be turned off before applying





    • Type - Moisture Displacement
    • Color - Translucent Amber
    • Odor - Solvent
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Testronic must be used in accordance with label directions

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