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DESCRIPTION: Testrasol 2000 is a unique non-flammable solvent used for maintaining and improving the efficiency of electrical equipment and machinery.


IDEAL USE: Testrasol 2000 can be used on power tools, electrical motors, adding machines, typewriters, air conditioning & refrigeration equipment, printing equipment, elevators, marine and industrial motors, switch gears, panels and all equipment requiring degreasing and solvent cleaning.




  • Safer - Testrasol 2000 contains no naphtha, carbon tetra chloride, 1,1,1 Trichloroethane and other toxic or highly flammable solvents. Testrasol 2000 is non-corrosive. The only safety measure necessary is adequate ventilation. Never use in enclosed areas. 


  • Non-Conductive and No Oily Residue - Because it is non-conductive and 100% volatile, it leaves no conductive residue to harm and affect the efficiency of expensive equipment.


  • Economical - Testrasol 2000 saves costly "downtime" for maintenance because machinery does not have to be turned off during cleaning. Dirt free motors run longer and are more power efficient.


  • Versatile - Testrasol 2000 is highly effective in cleaning most electrical devices, motors and switch gears.

TESTRASOL 2000 - Non-Corrosive Solvent



    Spray or Brush Application

    1. Apply sufficient amount of Testrasol 2000 to cover the surface and allow several seconds for the soil and grease to liquify
    2. Follow by a second application to remove all dissolved and suspended soils
    3. Use enough product to flush the surface completely clean then wipe or blow dry down


    Dip Cleaning Application

    1. Place Testrasol 2000 in a metal tank with a tight cover to prevent evaporation, product loss
    2. Soak parts of equipment to be cleaned in the dip tank for several minutes and agitate to loosen dissolved deposits
    3. Remove parts and flush with a small quantity of frest Testrasol 2000 to remove all traces of dissolved grease


    Testrasol 2000 leaves no residue


    NOTE: Testrasol 2000 can be used while equipment is running but adequate precautions and ample ventilation should be provided. 


    CAUTION: DO NOT  dip or spray plastic parts until equipment surface is adequately tested. Testrasol 2000 may soften or dissolve certain types of plastic. Do not apply to equipment where sparking or arcing may occur





    • Type - Solvent Degreaser Renovator
    • Flammability - Non-flammable. No flash point to boiling
    • Toxicity - Low. TLV 100ppm
    • Composition - A combination of carefully selected chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents


    Testrasol 2000 must be used in accordance with label directions


    TDS - Technical Data Sheet

    SDS (Aerosol) - Safety Data Sheet

    SDS (Liquid) - Safety Data Sheet

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