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DESCRIPTION: Syntron is an acrylic polymer sealer-under coater for use on all synthetic flooring. 


IDEAL USE: Syntron's tough acrylic seal protects vinyl tile, linoleum, asphalt tile and other composition flooring from wear and abrasion. This durable, protective, self-leveling sealer is chemically matched for all Testron Floor Finishes.




  • Specifically Formulated for Composition Flooring - Syntron gives prolonged life and dazzling beauty to all kinds of resilient floors. It beautifies and highlights the original colors without softening tile or causing colors to run. Syntron's water-based formulation does not contain solvents that can damage composition flooring and does not requre a solvent based sealer for removal. 


  • Reduces Floor Maintenance Costs - Syntron seals floors with a tough acrylic coating that eliminates porous floor absorption of wax or floor finish. Because the flooring is sealed, the number of coats of polish needed for a protective, high gloss shine is reduced. Syntron allows one coat of a floor finish to look like two.


  • Important for Older or Porous Floors and High Foot Traffic Areas - Syntron contains beneficial plasticizers and non-yellowing resins in emulsified form that improve and revitalize resilient flooring. 


  • Lower Maintenance Costs - Sealed floor stay beautiful longer and cost less to maintain than unsealed floors. The excessive cost of stripping and recoating are eliminated and fewer coats of floor finish are necessary when floors have been sealed. 


  • Compatible With All Testron Floor Products - Syntron provides an outstanding foundation for Testron floor finishes. Floor finishes hold well in a Syntron base, yielding higher gloss, long wear and lower maintenance. 

SYNTRON - Indoor Floor Sealer



    1. Use Remove-it (found in Floor Strippers) to remove accumulated wax and sealer on floors
    2. Use floor machine with scrubbing brush or pad to apply Syntron
    3. Wash floor thoroughly, paying special attention to corners
    4. Rinse and allow to dry





    • Type - Floor Wax Sealer
    • Color - White
    • Odor - Caracteristic
    • pH Factor - 
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Syntron must be used in accordance with label directions


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