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DESCRIPTION: Surf-A-Seal is a specialized penetrating polyacrylate polymer sealant which forms a clear, colorless, non-yellowing protective surface on porous materials such as terrazzo, unglazed tile and marble. 


IDEAL USE: Surf-A-Seal should be applied to all porous surfaces when they are new and clean to prevent dirt penetration and reduce maintenance. 




  • Never Yellows - The specialized polyacrylate polymers in Surf-A-Seal are sun reistant and non-yellowing. 


  • Protects - Surf-A-Seal penetrates into the porous surface sealing out dirts and stains and protecting the surface from harmful chemical cleaning agents.


  • Lower Maintenance Costs - When dirt and soil cannot penetrate into the pores, they are quickly and easily wiped away without hard scrubbing. 


  • Longer Floor Life - Cleaning agents and atomospheric contamination can attack terrazzo and marble causing increased wear and a permanently soiled appearance. Surf-A-Seal makes a tough barrier layer to seal out these enemies of floor life. 


  • Build a Wear Coating - After sealing with Surf-A-Seal, finish the floor with a maintenance coat of Lustre Shine (found in Floor Finishes). This replaceable coating takes the hard wear and is renewed periodically. The Surf-A-Seal stays locked in. 


  • Non-Slip Surface - Surf-A-Seal is waterproof and reduces slipping in wet weather.


  • Seals Most Porous Surfaces - Surf-A-Seal penetrates and protects most porous surfaces such as grout lines, mortar joints, smooth concrete and unglazed ceramic surfaces. 

SURF-A-SEAL - Solvent Sealer



    1. Remove all dirt, oil and wax with Restore (found in Floor Strippers)
    2. Let dry completely before coating
    3. Use a lamb's wool or sponge applicator to apply a thin layer of Surf-A-Seal over entire surface
    4. Allow at least 3 hours to dry before resuming foot traffic


    For maximum protection and shine, after sealing apply Lustre Shine or Brite Glo (found in Floor Finishes) in regular maintenance program.


    NOTE: Extremely porous floors may require a second coat. Do not apply to build a heavy surface layer





    • Type - Solvent based acrylic solvent resistant clear coating
    • Color - Colorless
    • Odor - Mild Ammonia
    • pH Factor - 4
    • Flammability - Combustible
    • Toxicity - Non-toxic


    Surf-A-Seal must be used in accordance with label directions

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