DESCRIPTION: Solidaire is a specially developed, time-controlled dissolving tablet for use in air confiditioning condensate pans to control rust, sludge, lint and organic deposits that encourage the slimy accumulations that can clog condensate drains and cause overflow damage.




  • Lasting Protection - One self-dissolving Solidaire tablet will treat 0.5 to 3 tons per month.


  • Reduces Maintenance - There is no need to shut down or waste personal maintenance time cleaning clogged drains. Solidaire works continuously to disperse sludge, rust and organic accumulations that clog drains and encourage slime formation. Continuous cleaning means no clogging.


  • Eliminates Overflow - Clogged drains can mean costly damage to drywall ceilings, carpets and furnishings. Solidaire works continuously to eliminate overflow damage, equipment shutdown and costly maintenance time.


  • Easty to Use and Handle - Remove one Solidaire tablet at a time. Other tablets remain sealed and free from moisture attack.


  • Chlorine Free - Many other pan tablets contain chlorine which is extremely corrosive to condensate pans and aluminum fins.


  • No Plastic Packaging to Clog Drains - The Solidaire tablet is completely soluble. It leaves nothing behind to clog drains and cause problems.


SOLIDAIRE JUMBO - A/C Condensate Pan Treatment



    1. Use 1 Solidaire tablet for each 0.5 to 3 tons per month of drain pan area
    2. Place tablet in the condensate drain pan at a point furthest from the drain
    3. Good preventative maintenance requires that a Solidaire tablet be in use at all times





    • Type - A/C Pan Treatment Tablet
    • Color - Blue
    • Odor - Floral
    • pH Factor - 11-12
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None





    Case - 12 tablets


    Solidaire Jumbo must be used in accordance with label directions


    Technical Data Sheet - Solidaire

    Safety Data Sheet - Solidaire