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DESCRIPTION: Sewer X is a safe encapsulated, color-coded sewer solvent with controlled thermal action and aluminum chips for more effective cleaning. Sewer X contains no toxic heavy metals or volatile organic solvents that affect air or water quality.


IDEAL USE: Sewer X is commonly used by Food Processing Plants, Industrial Plants and Municipalities. Sewer X unclogs stoppages due to tree roots, cloth, paper, hair, grease and other organic matter.




  • Highly Effective - The high-energy formulation improves penetration into clogged lines by producing extra heat. This formulation quickly breaks through grease, organic matter, scum deposits and even tree roots. 


  • Encapsulated Formula - Sewer X does not dissipate at point of introduction. Time-release encapsulation allows it to retain most of its reactive power to be released when it reaches actual blockage point. 


  • Safer - Sewer X does not produce flammable or explosive vapors as it produces heat. Catalytic action eliminates sewer explosions due to hydrogen gas. Encapsulation also eliminates dusting which reduces irritation to user.

SEWER X - Sewer Line Cleaner




    1. Pour 25 pounds of Sewer X into manholes closest to suspected blockage 
    2. Repeat in intervals if necessary to clear drain



    1. Normal Size Drains - Pour 3 to 5 pounds of Sewer X directly into drain opening
    2. Flush down with a small quantity of water


    Food Plants

    1. Grease Clogs - Pour 8 pounds of Sewer X down drain
    2. Flush down with a small quantity of water


    NOTE: DO NOT use where the drain line is completely clogged and there is no water flow unless the blockage is in the trap or the close to the entry point





    • Type - Granular Activated Sewer Solvent
    • Color - Red
    • Odor - Slight Odor
    • pH Factor - 13-14
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Toxic, Caustic


    Sewer X must be used in accordance with label directions

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