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DESCRIPTION: Sewer Sweet is a highly-concentrated odor counteractant and deodorizer for direct injection into sewer systems. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.


IDEAL USE: Sewer Sweet is used in all types of sewer and drain systems where foul odors cause problems and interfere with adjacent activities. This includes drain lines in restaurant and food preparation areas as well as municipal sewage lines and lift stations. 




  • Environmentally Responsible - Sewer Sweet is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains no toxic or ozone depleting solvents.


  • Easy to Use - Sewer Sweet reacts instantly with the malodors and starts counteracting the odor problem immediately. There is no induction time. 


  • Long Lasting - The high-concentration of active ingredients in Sewer Sweet coupled with the high efficiency of the odor counteractant means that the deodorant effect continues all the way down the line so that malodors are not transferred from one place to another. 


  • Effecient and Economical - The high concentration efficiency of Sewer Sweet means that a little goes a long way. Only parts per million are needed to correct most malodor problems. 

SEWER SWEET - High Concentrated Deodorizer (Cherry Scented)



    Aeroators, Lagoons, Open Digesters and Filter Beds

    1. Inject undiluted Sewer Sweet into the line leading to the odor source
    2. Spray Sewer Sweet over the source of odors allowing air motion to carry it over the foul area


    Sewer Mains and Laterals

    1. Pour, spray or drip undiluted Sewer Sweet into the lines
    2. Spray thoroughly into manholes and drains





    • Type - Soluble Odor Counteractant Concentrate
    • Color - Pink
    • Odor - Cherry
    • pH Factor - Neutral
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Low. Do not take internally


    Sewer Sweet must be used in accordance with label directions

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