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DESCRIPTION: Renovex is a super concentrated renovator which removes cement and lime from concrete mixers, transit forms, shovels metal equipment, machinery, ceramic tile, brick and all masonry work.


IDEAL USE: Renovex is commonly used by Construction Firms, Concrete Plants, Masonry, Plastering and Ceramic Tile Contractors. 




  • Fast Acting - Special penetrants carry Renovex deep into deposits for quick removal of heavy encrustations of motor or scale. 


  • Safe on Most Metal Surfaces - Metals normally found in tools or construction equipment are not harmed by Renovex - Do not use on aluminum, magnesium, galvanized or stainless steel)


  • Removes Rust and Corrosion - Renovex effectively removes rust and other stains from concrete or brick. 


  • Eliminates Heavy Manual Labor - Spray or brush on Renovex, allow for thorough reaction and rinse off.


  • Water Soluble - Renovex rinses completely off and leaves no residue.


  • Inhibited - Special inhibitors in Renovex reduce the attack on bare steel by 98%.

RENOVEX - Concrete & Lime Remover



    1. Chip or scrape off excess accumulations of cement on outer surfaces
    2. Use a scrub pad, stiff brush or course steel wool pad dipped in undiulted Renovex
    3. Scrub surface thoroughly with Renovex
    4. Allow 3-5 minutes penetration and rinse off with clear water. Repeat as necessary for heavy encrustations


    For a fresh, relatively light deposit clean, mix 1 part Renovex to 6 parts water


    CAUTION: Always use face mask and gloves when using Renovex





    • Type - Concrete Remover
    • Color - Purple
    • Odor - Pungent
    • pH Factor - 1
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Moderate


    Renovex must be used in accordance with label directions

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