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DESCRIPTION: Remove It is a one-step renovator, wax and polish remover for use on composition floors.


IDEAL USE: Remove It was developed to provide a quick method of preparation and renovation of tile, composition or terrazzo floors prior to applying wax or polish. Remove It is commonly used by Schools, Commercial Buildings, Offices, Hospitals, etc. 




  • Easy On-Step Method - Remove It provides a quick, one-step method for floor renovation and preparation for polish application. It works rapidly to remove old polish and soil build-up without harsh scrubbing.


  • Heavy-Duty Penetration - Solvent emulsifying action carries Remove It deep into pores to lift out grime, stains and old polish. 


  • Stabilizes Floors 3 Ways 
    1. Completely removes old polish to prevent reaction with new polish
    2. Lifts out sub-surface grime, soaps and greases to stop deterioration and discoloration
    3. Promotes rapd and complete drying to prevent spotting and poor adhesion


  • Optical Brightener Gives New Luster to Old, Fading Colors - Remove It renovates and restores uniform appearance to all tile and terrazzo floors.


  • Safe to Use - Remove It is non-toxic and non-flammable.


  • Economical - Remove It saves time and labor for maximum efficiency.

REMOVE IT - 1 Step Floor Renovator



    Heavy-Duty Stripping:

    1. Dilute 1 part Remove It with 3 to 4 parts warm or hot water
    2. Let stand for 10 minutes after mopping area
    3. After surface is thoroughly wet and penetrated, use Floor King to loosen and move residue
    4. Use the PX 55 Vacuum wet pick up or take up with a damp mop


    Floor must be rinsed and completely dry before applying new floor polish


    Light-Duty Stripping:

    1. Dilute 1 part Remove It with 10 to 15 parts water
    2. Mop over floor
    3. Scrub lightly with brush and rinse
    4. Once floor is dry, buff lightly and apply a thin coat of floor polish


    NOTE: DO NOT use on wooden floors unless varnish is intact and wood is completely sealed





    • Type - Surface Renovator
    • Color - Purple
    • Odor - Sassafras
    • pH Factor - 12-12.5
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Remove It must be used in accordance with label directions

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