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DESCRIPTION: Quick-Sol HP is a maximum strength industrial renovator for solving difficult industrial cleaning and tasks requiring grease, oil and heavy grime removal without the danger of solvents.


IDEAL USE: Quick-Sol HP is safe and effective on all surfacees where water can be used. Using the recommended diutions will quickly lift away grease and grime from an engine, vent hood or oily machine part. At high dilution's it can safely clean painted walls. Quick-Sol HP is the versatile answer to industrial cleaning. 




  • Environmentally Responsible - Quick-Sol HP contains no VOC's, chlorinated solvents or toxic metals which can harm the ozone layer or water.  Quick-Sol HP will not emulsify oils and greases and is safe to use in oil separator units.  Quick-Sol HP is completely biodegradable.


  • Powerful Results - Fortified with new technology and industrial boosters, without the dangers and pollution problems of solvent based degreasers, Quick-Sol HP penetrates and lifts oily and greasy deposits to be wiped off or flushed away with water. Will NOT Emulsify.


  • Versatile - Quick-Sol HP not only removes a wide variety of industrial soils but effectively degreases engines and other oily parts without the danger of petroleum.


  • Superior Renovating Power - Quick-Sol HP breaks down the molecular structures that bond dirt and grime to surfaces. Soils are then lifted away from complete removal by mopping or rinsing.


  • Fast and Safer - Quick-Sol HP will not support combustion under any conditions and can be used near an open flame or where sparking may occur. It gives the action of solvent and the safety of water. 


  • Non-Corrosive to Metals - Quick-Sol HP contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor to reduce the hazard of corrosion of iron, steel and soft metal when used as directed.


  • Time Saving - Quick-Sol HP saves labor and time. It can be used diluted up to 50:1 for light duty application.

QUICK-SOL HP - Heavy Duty Water-Soluble Degreaser



    1. Spray, mop or wipe solution on item to be cleaned
    2. Let soak for 30-60 seconds
    3. Flush away solution with water or wipe clean


    Dilution Ratio

    • General Cleaning - 2 to 3 ounces of  Quicksol HP per 1 gallon of water


    Heavy Duty Applications - Ink, Engines, Stove Hoods, Automotive Parts, Nicotine Buildup, Mining Machinery, Machine Tools and Equipment, Smoke Damage, Exhaust Stains, Boats & Marine Equipment, Soiled Floors and Driveways, Heavy Oil, Vents and Filters, Paint Oxidation, Fiberglass and Plastic.





    • Type - Surface Renovator
    • Color - Purple
    • Odor - Sassafras
    • pH Factor - 12-12.5
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Quick-Sol HP must be used in accordance with label directions

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