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DESCRIPTION: Prolong represents the latest in spray buffing technology. It combines special water-based solvents and exclusive Testron polymers that snap back the shine on all types of floors where spray buffing is used in routine maintenance. Prolong's acrylic polymer compound is specifically formulated for use with low to medium speed buffing machines.


IDEAL USE: Prolong is commonly used by Hospitals, Office and Public Buildings, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Schools and other facilities where floors are maintained by application of a spray buffing compound with electric buffing machines. 




  • Repairs Worn, High-Traffic Areas Without Recoating - Prolong restores scuffed and worn high traffic areas by depositing an additional layer of polish where it is needed. When Prolong is buffed, the shine snaps back to a glossy, like-new luster. Prolong dries as fast as it is buffed and floors are ready for immediate use. 


  • Cleans and Upgrades the Shine - Prolong gives floors a "just polished" look with fewer stripping and re-waxing. Prolong first cleans the floor by dissolving the top layer of polish to remove scuff marks, ground-in dirt, soils and surface scratches. An additional layer of polish upgrades the shine and restores the floor to its original gloss.


  • Economical - This versatile spray buff eliminates the need for frequent mopping, stripping and refinishing. 

PROLONG - Spray Buffing Solution



    Spray Buffing

    1. Dilute 1 part Prolong to 3 parts water
    2. Sweep and damp mop the floor
    3. Using your spray device, mist lightly over 10 square feet
    4. Buff with a polishing pad until all liquid disappears and a brilliant shine appears
    5. Repeat until the entire floor is renovated and polished





    • Type - Floor Sealer
    • Color - Cream White
    • Odor - Mild
    • pH Factor - 8-9
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Prolong must be used in accordance with label directions

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