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DESCRIPTION: Oven-X is a heavy duty oven renovator and cleaner in a handy aerosol form with a pleasant citrus odor.


IDEAL USE: Oven-X is the ideal industrial strength oven renovator for any establishment that maintains stoves, ovens and grills. It is commonly used by Commercial Kitchens, Housing Authorities, Restaurants, Hotels/Motels, Schools, Apartments and Hospitals. 




  • Easy Cleaning - Simply spray Oven-X, let penetrate and wipe off grease and food buildup. No harsh scrubbing is necessary.


  • Handy Aerosol - No special equipment is needed. No pre-mixing necessary.


  • Economical - One application is usually all that's necessary. Removes encrustations and can be used as a daily maintenance product.


  • Non-Flammable - Non-flammable fumes prevents flash fires.


  • Works on Warm or Cold Ovens - Unlike most oven cleaners, Oven-X works well on both cold and warm ovens.


  • No Toxic Residue - Oven-X is completely soluble. It wipes off leaving no residues, odor and problems. 

OVEN-X - Aerosol Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner



    1. Let oven or grill cool to approximately 200 Degrees Farenheit
    2. Shake can well and spray Oven-X over the encrusted area from 9-12 inches away
    3. Allow 15-45 minutes for Oven-X to penetrate and dissolve buildups
    4. Wipe surface clean with a sponge or towel, then rinse with a damp sponge


    NOTE: For heavy encrustations, if necessary, repeat application and allow to stand overnight before rinsing


    CAUTION: Do not spray on aluminum, composition tile or painted surfaces. Turn off current in electric ovens and pilot lights in gas ovens. Do not spray on electrical connections. 





    • Type - Oven Cleaner/Degreaser
    • Color - Opaque
    • Odor - Lemon-lime
    • pH Factor - 13-13.5
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Oven-X must be used in accordance with label directions

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