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DESCRIPTION: Lustre Shine is a semi-buffable acrylic polymer floor finish designed for all types of flooring. Lustre Shine produces an outstanding protective and beautifying finish on floors including sealed wood, marble, terrazzo, asphalt tile, vinyl tile, linoleum, cork and other types of composition flooring.


IDEAL USE: Lustre Shine is commonly used by Hospitals, Supermarkets, Office Buildings and Municipalities. 




  • Produces High Gloss Finish - Lustre Shine's special blending of ingredients produces high gloss on any floor.


  • Slip Resistant - Even when wet, Lustre Shine prevents accidental slipping, an important safety factor.


  • Non-Yellowing Formula - With repeated usage and aging, most waxes form yellow buildup. Lustre Shine will not yellow with age. It maintains a lustrous finish


  • Buffs Like Fine Wax - Unlike many other synthetic floor finish products, Lustre Shine buffs to a deep lustrous finish, similar to the finish of the finest carnauba waxes.


  • Resists Staining- Lustre Shine's smooth, tough coating resists stains and spills. It wipes clean without scrubbing.


  • Self-Leveling - Lustre Shine's remarkable self-leveling formulation ensures a smooth, uniform film, even when applied over previously finished areas. This feature permits spot maintenance without visible overlap.

LUSTRE SHINE - Buffable Acrylic Floor Finish



    1. Use Restore or Remove-it (found in Floor Strippers) and remove all old wax or finish on floor
    2. Rinse floor and allow to dry
    3. Apply Lustre Shine with clean yarn mop
    4. Spread a thin, even finish over the entire floor surface
    5. Allow 20 minutes drying time


    Floor is ready for heavy traffic as soon as it is dry to the touch


    NOTE: One coat is usually enough, however after stripping, especially old or porous floors, a second coat is recommended





    • Type - Floor Wax Sealer
    • Color - White
    • Odor - None
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Lustre Shine must be used in accordance with label directions

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