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DESCRIPTION: Karpetron is a concentrated liquid carpet shampoo that emulsifies and dissolves even the most stubborn stains, reaching deep into the carpet nap to loosen and foam away inert particles. Karpetron's anti-static agent prevents the buildup of static electricity by releasing the electric charges that produce static shock. 


IDEAL USE: Karpetron is used most by Offices, Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Schools and Clubs. It cleans wool, nylon, acrylic and other similar carpet fibers.




  • Penetrating Cleaning Action - Karpetron safely deep cleans carpets and rugs to remove dirt, grit and stains and is gentle enough to restore matted fibers to natural, high pile quality. Karpetron breaks through tough stains caused by a build up of hard water and dirt. 


  • Anti-Static Agents - The anti-static action of Karpetron is effective immediately and will last for months under normal conditions. After drying, Karpetron releases the electric charges that produce static shock.


  • Leaves Carpets Smelling Fresh - Karpetron's powerful cleaning agents leave carpets odor free by removing greases and oils in which odor causing bacteria live and breed.


  • Contains Optical Brighteners - Karpetron puts a new life into rugs and carpets and help restore original color. The optical brighteners restore sharp color to carpets that been dulled by soil, artificial light rays, cleaning compounds and atmospheric pollutants.

KARPETRON - Anti-Static Carpet Shampoo



    1. Remove furniture from area to be cleaned. If furniture cannot be removed, place a small piece of aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent staining
    2. Vacuum carpet to prepare fibers for shampooing
    3. Mix 1 cup of Karpetron with enough water to make 4 liters (1 gallon) of solution
    4. Use Deck Brush or Floor King with solution tank
    5. Soak brush for 20 minutes before starting to shampoo. It is not necessary to soak carpet
    6. Use enough solution to work up a light foam. Scrub in small areas at a time
    7. Use Deck Brush or Pile Setting Machine to reset pile after cleaning


    NOTE: Drying time can be reduced by increasing air circulation with fans/heaters. Foam can be left to dry on surface of carpet then vacuumed to pick up dried residue and suspended soils


    Optical Brightener and Anti-Static action begin working immediately





    • Type - Carpet Cleaner
    • Color - Orange
    • Odor - Mint
    • pH Factor - 
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Karpetron must be used in accordance with label directions

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