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DESCRIPTION: Insta-Loose is a lubricating penetrant and release agent with powerful solvent action specially developed to break the bond of corrosion on bolts and other close-fitting metal parts.


IDEAL USE: Insta-Loose is used to free frozen nuts, bolts, fittings, hinges, shackles, lock mechanisms, and all close-fitting parts on automotive and marine equipment and all types of industrial and farm machinery. It is particularly useful when disassembling machinery or equipment that has been heavily impacted with grease or corrosion.




  • Two-Way Action - While Insta-Loose's penetrants break the grip of corrosion, its lubricants penetrate for easy disassembly - even while the rust is disintegrating.


  • Non-Flammable - Insta-Loose can be applied to hot parts such as automotive exhaust manifolds, muffler bolts and head bolts with no danger of fire. Insta-Loose can be used safely after torch heating.


  • Breaks the Grip of Rust and Corrosion - Insta-Loose quickly penetrates and lubricates "frozen" parts to allow for easy removal. 


  • Controlled Action - Insta-Loose's special blend of penetrating solvents slows down the rate of evaporation and produces deeper wetting of rusted joints.


  • Helps Reduce Corrosion - Insta-Loose leaves a thin film of high-strength oil to help retard future corrosion.


  • Will Not Irritate Skin - Insta-Loose does not cause long-lasting irritation or industrial dermatitis.


  • Lower Labor Costs - Powerful solvents carry super wetting agents directly to the threads of frozen bolts allowing fast, easy removal of rusted or corroded parts with ordinary tools.


  • Economical - Insta-Loose's concentrated aerosol spray eliminates waste while providing thorough saturation of frozen parts.

INSTA-LOOSE - High Performance Lubricating Release Agent



    1. Spray part at close range
    2. Allow 1 minute for Insta-Loose to penetrate through corrosion or rust
    3. Loosen frozen part with necessary tools
    4. Spray additional Insta-Loose as necessary





    • Type - Bolt Solvent
    • Color - Clear
    • Odor - Solvent
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Insta-Loose must be used in accordance with label directions

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