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DESCRIPTION: Hospex Soaps are a foaming synthetic-based hand cleaner that is combined with mild but effective cleansing agents. Our Hospex Soaps are fortified with lanolin to keep moisture in.


Hospex Green - Mint Fragranced Hand Soap

Hospex Pink- Watermelon Fragranced Hand Soap




  • Prevents Bacteria - Hospex contains a special protective agent that stays on hands after rinsing to prevent bacteria growth and spread.


  • Keeps Hands Soft - Hospex contains Lanolin and Humectants to protect hands. It contains no caustic penetrating agents that cause chapping or roughness. 


  • Pleasantly Scented - Hospex is available in 3 different scents to fulfill the needs of all preferences.


  • Economical - Hospex is a high sudsing concentrate. Only a few drops are necessary for complete cleaning.

HOSPEX - Foaming Hand Soap



    1. Wet hands
    2. Pump a quarters worth of soap into your palm and work up a rich lather 
    3. Rinse off thoroughly under faucet


    NOTE: For hand use only





    • Type - Hand Soap
    • Color - Cloudy Pink or Green
    • Odor - Watermelon or Mint
    • pH Factor - 8-9
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Hospex must be used in accordance with label directions

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