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DESCRIPTION: Hair-B-Gone is a concentrated granular drain opener designed specifically to unclog drains where a mass of hair is the primary cause of the blockage.


IDEAL USE: Hair-B-Gone is commonly used in Hotels and Motels, Gyms, Dormitories, Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics and more.




  • Fast Acting - Hair-B-Gone restores the efficient flow of clogged drains in minutes.


  • Dissolves the Hair - Hair-B-Gone does not just loosen the hair but rather dissolves it so there is nothing to clog up the lines further down. 


  • No Flashbacks - Hair-B-Gone has no violent reactions and does not generate any gases that can cause dangerous flashbacks.


  • No Bad Odors - Hair-B-Gone breaks down the molecular structure of the hair and turns it into liquid with no odor.


  • Economical - Hair-B-Gone saves time, eliminates the need for drain snakes and other mechanical devices all while cleaning the drains thoroughly. Clogs become less frequent.


  • Environmentally Responsible - Contains no solvents, metals or chlorine that might be environmentally harmful.

HAIR-B-GONE - Granular Drain Opener



    1. Prior to application, wet drain
    2. Let excess water drain off
    3. Shake enough Hair-B-Gone to cover the cross bars of the drain 
    4. Pour a little water to wet the Hair-B-Gone powder
    5. Wait 5-10 minutes then open faucet and run a heavy stream of water to thoroughly flush all product and dissolved hair down the drain





    • Type - Granular Hair Dissolver
    • Color - White
    • Odor - Odorless
    • pH Factor - 12-13
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Harmful or Fatal if swallowed


    Hair-B-Gone must be used in accordance with label directions

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