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DESCRIPTION: Dynatherm is a powerful liquid drain opener designed to dissolve on contact all organic obstructions, rust and lime deposits in floor drains, sinks and traps. 


IDEAL USE: Dynatherm is ideal for use in Commercial Kitchens, Apartment Complexes, Industrial Plants, Hotels and Motels, Schools, Food Processing Plants and more. 




  • Works Fast - Dynatherm goes to work immediately to safely dissolve common organic stoppages such as grease, sanitary napkins, rags, coffee grounds, soap and paper. Dynatherm works in the matter of minutes.


  • Restores and Maintains Minimum Safe Drain Diameter - Dynatherm ends pipe "shrinkage" caused by the buildup of scum, scale and soap. Each drain system has a "minimum safe diameter" (MSD). Regular use of Dynatherm restores MSD and effectively eliminates pipe shrinkage.


  • Will Not Damage Plumbing System - Dynatherm dissolves only organic matter and will not stain or deteriorate steel, copper, PVC pipes and fittings or rubber hardware in the system. Dynatherm will not affect septic tank operation and is naturally neutralized when mixed with drain water.


  • Packaged for Safety - Dynatherm's superior packaging is research tested for safety. The specially designed closure cap and high impact container virtually eliminates leakage risk.

DYNATHERM - Instant Drain Opener



    Sink Drains

    1. Pour 4-8 ounces of Dynatherm directly down drain
    2. Let stand for 10 minutes
    3. Flush with large quantity of water
    4. Repeat if necessary


    Floor Drains

    • Pour 8 ounces of Dynatherm directly down drain


    Preventative Maintenance

    • Use 3 ounces of Dynatherm daily to prevent future blockages


    NOTE: Where drain fails to open due to blockage by glass, plastic, iron or other inorganic materials, use great caution in inserting mechanical cleaning devices. Dynatherm remains active until it has been thoroughly reacted or diluted with large quanitites of water


    CAUTION: Do NOT mix this product with any other chemical. Do not use when any other drain opener is present.





    • Type - Drain Opener
    • Color - Clear Red
    • Odor - Slight Pungent
    • pH Factor - 
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - Corrosive


    Dynatherm must be used in accordance with label directions

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