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DESCRIPTION: Clear Omnilube is a thin, penetrating liquid that transforms into a clear, colorless, multi-purpose grease within 5 minutes. 


IDEAL USE: Clear Omnilube is commonly used on door locks, hinges, linkages, window slides, tools, garage door tracks, valves, pumps and more.




  • Clear Omnilube's unique spray flows into surfaces that ordinary grease cannot penetrate to provide maximum protection


  • Clear Omnilube is true grease, not oil


  • Lubricates and prevents rust on any metal surface


  • All weather protection

CLEAR OMNILUBE - Grease Lubricant



    • Type - Grease Lubricant
    • Color - Light Yellow
    • Odor - Solvent
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Flammable
    • Toxicity - Moderate


    Clear Omnilube  must be used in accordance with label directions

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