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DESCRIPTION: Citrosolve is a powerful cleaning, deodorizing and renovating formula based on a synergistic blend of biodegradable natrual citurs based extracts and safe propoxy based ingredients that eliminate the need for environmentally unacceptable toxic solvents.


IDEAL USE: Citrosolve has the power and versatility to dissolve away tough industrial grease, grime and oils. Citrosolve is commonly used in Industrial Plants, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels/Motels, Golf Courses and Country Clubs. 




  • Safer to Use - Contains no toxic or harmful solvents such as butyl ethers, methanol or chlorinated solvents


  • Deodorizer/Degreaser - Many cleaner degreasers have strong solvent odors. Citrosolve uses the synergistic power of citrus terpenes and propxy solvents to cut through tough grease with a pleasant deodorizing action


  • Penetrating Power - Citrosolve penetrates and lifts off the grime then rinses free to leave a truly clean surface with no oily films


  • Biodegradable - Citrosolve's natural citrus and propoxy solvents are environmentally responsible as are all the surfactants and emulsifiers it contains


  • Non-Flammable - Safer to use in the work place where other solvents can pose a fire hazard

CITROSOLVE - Natural Orange Oil Cleaner



    Ready to use - No dilution necessary - Just spray on and wipe off


    For heavy soiling, let stand a few minutes, agitate and wipe clean.


    Cleans - floors, walls, counters, desks, cabinets, vinyl furuniture, kitchen appliances, ovens, golf carts and all sorts of equipment. 





    • Type - Natural Citrus Cleaner
    • Color - Orange
    • Odor - Fresh Citrus
    • pH Factor - 7-8
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Citrosolve must be used in accordance with label directions


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