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DESCRIPTION: Brite-Glo is metal-bonded, self-polishing acrylic floor finish that stands up to the heaviest abuse and traffic conditions. Its finish stays bright and beautiful after repeated, routine cleanings. 




  • Metal-Bonded Finish for Lasting Protection - The metal-bonding process locks acrylic polymer chains together to produce a durable, long lasting Brite-Glo finish. Beacuse it is metal-bonded, Brite-Glo is completely water-resistant and highly scrubable and buffable.


  • Re-Coatable - Brite-Glo can be recoated 10 or more times without stripping. Wear areas can be easily recoated without showing. There is no yellowing or clouding when a Brite-Glo finish is applied.


  • Stands Up to Heavy Wear and Abuse - The hard acrylic Brite-Glo finish defies scuffing, black heel marks, water and detergents even in the busiest areas. They wipe up easily leaving the original Brite-Glo shine. 


  • Easily Maintained - Brite-Glo can be kept bright and beautiful by damp mopping regularly with D-Terge and recoating with very thin layers as needed. Spray buffing may also be used to restore the glossy, like-new luster. If spray buffing is the only method of maintenance, re-coating is required less often.

BRITE-GLO - 21% Gloss Floor Polish



    1. Remove old wax or polish. Rinse floor with water and let dry before applying Brite-Glo  
    2. Spread Brite-Glo evenly over the entire floor using mop
    3. Allow coating to dry completely. Usually 25-30 minutes


    Brite-Glo can be applied with 2 thin coats opposed to 1 heavy coat. A second coat should always be applied to old, very porous floors


    NOTE: DO NOT use on floors or fabrics. Floors will become slippery





    • Type - Wax Sealer
    • Color - White
    • Odor - None
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Brite-Glo must be used in accordance with label directions

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