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DESCRIPTION: Biozyme is a unique blend of bio-engineered strains of synergistic bacteria that starts breakin down fats, starches, proteins and vegetable matter immediately on contact while unleashing billions of other hungry bacteria to eat away all organic drain blockages.


IDEAL USE: Biozyme provides continuous drain maintenance system that starts in the drains and line traps and coninues working through the entire system of grease traps, septic systems, food processing, kitchen/food handling operations in restaurants, hospitals and grocery stores. 




  • Synergistic Bacteria Liquid Product - Biozyme is the first commercial product that incorporates a proprietary inhibitory system that starts processing the organic material immediately and eats away at blockage. Traps stay clear with less frequent pumping.


  • All Natural-Biodegradable - Biozyme is 100% environmentally safe. It's composed of water, carbon dioxide and bacterial strains that are non-toxic to the environment.


  • The Safe Alternative - Biozyme contains no harsh chemicals or solvents and is tested to contain no Salmonella or other pahthogenic organisms. Petroleum solvents and caustics can be eliminated when using Biozyme.


  • A Dynamic Living System - The Biozyme System establishes active living backterial colonies that clean the entire system 24 hours a day. Regular doses will assure maximum activity that works from the closest drains to the end of the drain system. 

BIOZYME - All Natural Bacterial Drain Maintainer



    Grease Traps

    • Pour 1 liter of Biozyme down drains leading the grease trap at the end of the night
    • Pour 12-24 ounces of Biozyme down sink or floor drains leading to trap daily


    Kitchen Drain Lines

    • Pour 4-8 ounces of Biozyme to each trap when kitchen closes


    Bathroom and Shower Drains

    • Pour 6-8 ounces of Biozyme to each trap once a week to digest soap scum and hair buildup


    Septic Systems

    • Pour 1 liter of Biozyme to initiate activation
    • Treatment flowing in from various drain lines will maintain activity


    NOTE: In multi-story buildings, always begin a drain cleaning maintenance program on the lower floors to prevent clogging of lower level pipes with residue from upper levels


    CAUTION: Do not use Biozyme simultaneously with bleach, acid, strong alkali or chlorinated dishwashing compounds. Always apply Biozyme at the lowest water flow period, usually at night





    • Type - Bacterial Drain Opener
    • Color - Opaque Orange
    • Odor - Sweet
    • pH Factor - 7-8
    • Flammability - Non-flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Biozyme must be used in accordance with label directions

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