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DESCRIPTION: Bioclean is a technically advanced combination of micro-organisms and soil destroying enzymes with penetrants and surfactants that produce the ultimate safe cleaner and deodorizer for all surfaces.


IDEAL USE: Biocleans micro-enzymatic cleaning action provides the best safe cleaning and odor elimination in Restrooms, Kitchens, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Jails, Veterinary Clinics and Police Vehicles. Bioclean is also an excellent carpet cleaner and deodorizer.




  • Powerful New Fighting Bacteria - Three new powerful strains of fighting bacteria have been added to Bioclean that thrive in the cracks, crevices and backing of carpet where odors hide. Bacteria thrive in low oxygen conditions such as these. Bioclean's fighting bacteria strains kill off these foul odors found in difficult areas to clean.


  • Very Powerful - Bioclean is a powerful yet gentle detergent that quickly emulsifies and washes dirt and grime leaving surfaces clean and pleasant smelling. 


  • Fully Penetrates Problem Areas - Bioclean is not just a perfumed cleaner that attempts to "mask" bad odors with another smell. The bacterial-enzyme action targets and destroys the odor causing materials deep in pores and leaves a fresh scent.


  • Effective on All Surfaces - Bioclean can be used on any surface that is safe with water. it is effective on ceramic, composiion tile, concrete and sealed wood. It is so gentle in its clenaing action that it makes an ideal carpet cleaner and deodorizer where harsh odors such as urine, pet accidents, spill and even vomit leave an unpleasant mark.


  • Environmentally Responsible - Bioclean contains no Pathogens making it environmentally safe.

BIOCLEAN - Bioactive Enzyme Deodorizer



    Odor Control

    1. Remove excess waste matter and debris
    2. Dilute Bioclean with warm water. This is a necessary step to activate the bio-enzyme process
    3. 1 part Bioclean to 5 parts water
    4. Spray or mop the solution over the area to be cleaned
    5. Allow Bioclean solution to stand until odor is gone. Rinse and let dry
    6. Pour several ounces of Bioclean solution into urinal and toilet and leave to activate odor destroyer



    1. Add 8 ounces of Bioclean to 2 gallons of warm water
    2. Scrub or mop floor with solution
    3. Remove dirt with squeegee or damp mop
    4. Rinse with water 


    For best results, initial application should consist of two coats





    • Type - Enzyme Boosted Multi-Cleaner
    • Color - Opaque Green
    • Odor - Apple
    • pH Factor - 7-8
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Bioclean must be used in accordance with label directions

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