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DESCRIPTION: Beauti-Shine is a ready-to-use cream or aerosol that cleans and conditions wood surfaces without streaking. It leaves behind a self-healing, non-tacky film that masks and repels fingerprints and smudges. 


IDEAL USE: Beauti-Shine is used to clean, polish and protect wood, vinyl, pastic, ceramic, porcelain and painted metal surfaces. Beauti-Shine is commonly used in Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Restaurants and Department Stores. 




  • No Polish Buildup - Beauti-Shine's exclusive formulation allows it to be used over and over without yellowing buildups. Each new application removes the old dirty coating and leaves a clean, fresh protective coating. 


  • Cleans and Polishes in One Easy Step - Just spray Beauti-Shine on surface and wipe dry with cloth. 


  • Leaves a "Hard" Seal for Lasting Protection - Beauti-Shine imparts a "hard" seal to surfaces so fingerprints, smudges and stains wipe off easily. 

BEAUTI-SHINE - Wood Furniture Cleaner/Polisher



    1. Shake well before spraying
    2. Apply Beauti-Shine on clean cloth or micro-fiber
    3. Apply in a circular motion, buffing unitl product is evently distributed





    • Type - Creamy, thick emulsified polish
    • Color - Foaming white
    • Odor - Lemon
    • pH Factor - N/A
    • Flammability - Non-Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Beauti-Shine must be used in accordance with label directions

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