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DESCRIPTION: Prosolv is a unique blend of non-chlorinated solvents that liquefy and dissolves grease and oils to be wiped away easily, leaving no residue.


IDEAL USE: Prosolv can be used for cleaning and degreasing all types of metal parts, electrical equipment, motors, refrigeration equipment, printing equipment, switch gear, etc. in Aircraft, Marine, Manufacturing, Printing or Air Conditioning Industries or wherever a clean metal surface is required. 




  • Powerful Grease Solvent - Prosolv penetrates and dissolves the heaviest grease but does not attack metals, sound enamel pain or anodized aluminum surfaces


  • 100% Residue Free - Prosolv evaporates comopletely leaving no oily residue which can affect the efficiency of mechanical equipment or the electrical characteristics of motors or electrical switch gear.


  • Safe on Motors and Switch Gear - Motors and switch gears cleaned with Prosolv need only to be blown dry and put back in service immediately


  • Controlled Evaporation Prevents Moisture - Even under humid conditions, moisture does not tend to condense on the cleaned surface because of the controlled evaporation rate. Surfaces dry quickly using dry compressed air


  • Environmentally Friendly - Because Prosolv contains no chlorinated solvents, perfumes, chlorofluorocarbons or other toxic solvents, it produces a minimum of pollution and it is not readily absorbed through the skin like the chlorinated solvents


  • Easily Versatile - Just wipe it on and wipe grease, soil, ink and oil away from most mechanical and electrical equipment, safely and easily

PROSOLV - Grease and Oil Degreaser



    • Spray or wipe Prosolv over the surface to be clean and allow a minute to penetrate and loosen oil and grease
    • Spray with clean solvent or wipe with a clean solvent soaked cloth to remove all remaining residue
    • Allow surface to air dry or blow dry with compressed air


    NOTE: If cleaning motors or other electrical gear, turn off the power and extinguish all sources of flame or sparks before suing Prosolv





    • Type - Low Odor Solvent Degreaser
    • Color - Clear
    • Odor - Citrus
    • pH Factor - NA
    • Flammability - Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    Prosolv must be used in accordance with label directions

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