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DESCRIPTION: BRW 1010 is a specially balanced formula designed to quickly and efficiently remove ink from the blanket and roller of all offset presses without cracking or drying out the roller.


IDEAL USE: The outstanding solvency of BRW 1010 makes it ideal for use in all Print Shops using offset printing presses. It is used to clean the blanket and rollers as well as general ink removal from all parts of the press.




  • Fast Acting - BRW 1010 immediatley starts penetrating and dissolving the ink so there is no time lost in cleaning the press. BRW 1010 works on all types of ink so only one solvent cleaner is necessary.


  • No Chlorinated Solvents - There is no 1-1-1-trichlorenthene, methylene chloride or any other chlorinated solvents to cause ozone damage or produce harmul vapors.


  • Dries Quickly - There is no sacrifice in drying time due to the chlorinated solvents being removed. BRW 1010 dries quickly and leaves no residue. It is 100% volatile.


  • Rejuvenates the Rollers - BRW 1010 rejuvenates the rollers, keeping them soft and pliable. The presses print better, last longer and give better ink coverage. 


BRW 1010 - Blanket Roller Solvent Wash



    Blankets - 

    • Use BRW 1010 in the blanket washing unit or apply with a saturated cloth and wipe blanket dry


    Rollers - 

    • Apply BRW 1010 with any standard wash up device or apply by hand as above


    Rubber Plates and Dies - 

    • Rub out with a cloth saturated with BRW 1010 and then wipe dry





    • Type - Non-Chlorinated Solvent Roller and Blanket Cleaner
    • Color - Light Blue
    • Odor - Mild Solvent
    • pH Factor - 
    • Flammability - Flammable
    • Toxicity - None


    BRW 1010 must be used in accordance with label directions

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