Testron Hawaii


Welcome to Testron Hawaii

Serving the Hawaiian Islands since the 1970's, we are the only full line manufacturer in the islands. Approximately 85% of our products are made locally,  in our manufacturing facility, in the Kapolei Business Spectrum Park. 

Our mission, to offer globally sound chemical solutions to energy and maintenance issues,  through the use of innovative chemical formulations. 

Testron Hawaii Is.....

  • Forefront Leader in Specialty Chemical Industry 

  • number ONE source of chemicals for cleaning, renovation, and maintenance jobs

  • Leading Provider of Quality Chemicals,

  • Quality Service and Competitive Rates 

  • Manufacturer of Superior Products

  • Meet or Exceed Industry Regulations 

Our Product Line Assists with:
- Air Conditioning
- Automotive
- Aviation
- Boiler Treatment
- Construction / Repair
- Corrosion Protection
- Deodorizer / Air Fresheners
- Drain Maintenance
- Engineering
- Floor Care / Floor Maintenance
- Food Service
- House Keeping
- Insect Control
- Restroom Maintenance
- Sewage Treatment
- Water Treatment
- Specialized Applications